Current State of Affairs//

Exploring a Whirlwind.

My life feels like a whirlwind.

It’s a beautiful and strong whirlwind. My days are simple and generally not too revolutionary, but as a week passes, I see  remarkable changes happening.

I wake up at night, my mind teaming with questions: “what will tomorrow be like?” // “when I’m old, will I be proud of who I was today?” // “what should we name our first baby (this baby isn’t even made)?” // “will my dad be alive at Christmas time?” // “will my mom still want my brother to be home-schooled?” // “I wonder if the chard will grow?” // “what grade will I get on my essay?”

And more. Of course. Because my brain never wants to not throw up thoughts.

I have always wanted to travel abroad- even to travel to another state, I thought, would be nice. I wanted to travel, because I wanted to be an explorer. I wanted to travel and see knowledge and thoughts and hear sounds and see sights.

I am realizing this:

I already am an explorer. I don’t need to travel to a distant land to find difference and colors and brightness. I already am exploring my own life. Each day, I learn some thing. Each day I can meet another person. Each day I can marvel at a certain color. I have a wealth of opportunities to explore.

I live an explorable life. It is beautiful and oh, so good. It isn’t a whirlwind that causes destruction. It is a whirlwind that detoxes and cleanses confusion.



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