//Midwifery//, Pieces, Scriptural



“Oh, this means so much to me. Up close, I see everything.”

I see Joseph’s hand on Mary’s shoulder. I see the Child breastfeeding. Mary is tired, she just had a baby; exhaustion and satisfaction in her face. I see the midwives, on their hands there is blood. I see the baby angels, the old lady angels, the 13 year old angels, the red headed ones, the white headed ones. I see the tears on some of their faces. The angels are rushing to see the Child, and rushing to share the hallelujah.

I see everything in this painting. I see the faith of the mother, the faith of the midwives, the faith of Joseph.

I also see my faith.

This is how I envision the Christ-Child’s birth.

This is how I see birth.

The hand of a lover, exhaustion and satisfaction from the mother, midwives, angels. Foreseen and unforeseen, all attend.

A miraculous birth,  indeed.